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Vacuum Forming Machine Application Sheet

 After forming, the plastic w?ll cool causing the molecules to rub against each other generating a stat?c charge. Th?s charge w?ll attract contamination form the a?r and surrounding area. The charge can also be absorbed ?nto the bodies of operators who work in the proximity of the mach?ne. The operators w?ll discharge (often violently) when they come ?nto contact with ether an earth potential such as a mach?ne or door handle or by touching another operator. Although the shock itself can be painful, it is not dangerous. The involuntary reaction from the shock however, can be extremely dangerous if the operator is working closely with moving machinery.

        By using either a PULSElectronic air boost bar or blower to bathe the parts in ionised air, you will remove the static charge and eliminate the possibility of contamination attraction as well as operators shocks.